On 26-27 April, the CEI-Executive Secretariat Delegation paid a visit to Podgorica in the framework of the Montenegrin CEI Pr

The Hungarian Chairmanship of the CEI Parliamentary Dimension (PD) General Committee on Cultural Affairs organised a meeting on 21 April, hosted by the Hungarian National Assembly with remote participation of Parliamentary Delegations of CEI Member States.

The Interreg Adrion Project SUSTOURISMO held its second webinar on 15 April. 

The third online workshop in the framework of the ACSELL project was held on 19 April. It focused on Business support services in the field of Open Innovation.

In the framework of the ACSELL project, the CEI-Executive Secretariat and the Technology Park Ljubljana established a twinning to

What can governments do to make the economic policy more crisis resilient?

On 24 march, the CEI-Executive Secretariat and the Montenegrin CEI Presidency jointly organised an online event, “SDGs Decade of Action – Exchange of Experiences, Best Practices a

The initiative of the Bulgarian Society of Group Analysis and Group Processes Kabinet.bg has set up a virtual outpatient clinic for free

The ICARUS Project has set up a training programme - the Enlarged Transfer Programme (ETP) -  in order to give non-partner institutions the chance to get insights and specific training on mobility issues.
The partners of the FORTIS project have recently finalised a study examining public passenger transport and intermodality in the cross-border area between Italy and Slovenia.
In the framework of the EU-funded ACSELL project, the CEI-Executive Secretariat and the Technology Park Ljubljana have established a twinning to exchange best practices, gain knowledge and build synergies in the field of health, innovation and living lab approaches.
Musicians, experts, teachers, students, critics, press, and interested audience virtually gathered  for  the “CEI Piano Forum” on 12 March 2021, organised by the Piano FVG Association in the framework of the International Piano Competition, a well-renowned contest attracting highly qualified young pianists from all over the world.
Get an insight on a 3-year cross-border collaboration on passenger Intermodality promotion and learn about the main achievements and cluster activities we are running, looking at the future.
The principles for chronic wound treatment are not included in the curricula of doctors and nurses worldwide, which leaves health care professionals largely on their own when grappling with educational development.
The CEI-funded project within the COVID-19 Extraordinary Call/Know-how Exchange Programme, PPE HEALTH PORTAL, has created a reference portal for the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) sector and telemedicine solutions.

With a total contribution of over EUR 220.000, the CEI Fund at the EBRD will enable the realisation of six capacity building projects that will be implemented in the period 2021-2

Opened by Minister of Foreign Affairs Đorđe Radulović, the 1st online Committee of National Coordinators Meeting under the Montenegrin CEI Presidency 2021 (24 February) presented the priorities and programme of events envisaged for this year.   

On 16 and 17 February, the third SUSTOURISMO project meeting took place online.