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Cultural cooperation

Fostering mutual understanding and good neighbourly relations through intercultural dialogue and the respect for cultural diversity represents a major CEI priority. The role of cultural diplomacy as a form of soft power promoting EU’s fundamental values is particularly relevant to strengthen ties among neighbouring countries, develop peaceful relations, foster the integration process and promote an inclusive and sustainable development.

The CEI promotes intercultural dialogue, preservation and quality management of heritage, equal access to culture and professional advancement in the arts.

CEI activities mainly focus on: capacity building and experience sharing activities; award and fellowship opportunities; mobility of artists and cultural operators; boosting entrepreneurship within the cultural and creative sectors; supporting conferences, workshops, festivals, exhibitions.


Ms. Barbara Fabro

Senior Executive Officer
+39 040 7786 725

Upcoming events

  1. Apr
    25 ‒ 30
  2. Sep
    02 ‒ 08

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