CEI Know-how Exchange Programme

The Know-how Exchange Programme (KEP) is an instrument supporting projects and programmes focused on the transfer of know-how and best practices from EU to non-EU CEI Member States. By co‐financing capacity building and technical assistance projects, the KEP offers grants to institutions willing to share their experience with their partners in the non‐EU CEI Member States, thus helping non-members to advance on their path towards EU standards and policies. The KEP operates through annual calls for proposals with funding made available by Italy though the CEI Fund at the EBRD.


  • Strengthen economic and social advancement of the non-EU CEI Member States.
  • Help the recent EU members in their transformation from recipients to donors (emerging donors) of development assistance.
  • Promote principles of foreign development aid and support international collaboration among institutions in CEI member countries.


  • Launch: 3 May 2021 – Closed 21 June 2021.
  • Overall indicative amount made available under this Call: 250,000 EUR.
  • 65 applications received for a total requested CEI contribution of over 2.1 million EUR.
  • 61 project proposals met all the requirements set out in the Call (Administrative and Eligibility check) and proceeded to the full evaluation.
  • 7 project proposals were selected for the CEI co-financing.
  • Call Documentation and Results available at https://application.cei.int/kep-2021/

For further information: kep@cei.int   

Office for the CEI Fund at the EBRD

MS. Elisabetta Dovier

Programme Manager

Technical Cooperation, Know-how Exchange Programme 

+39 040 7786 738