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The event was held at a crucial moment for the region, in particular in jointly facing the consequences of the pandemic and the current and future challenges.
A special event dedicated to the endorsement of the WHO “Roadmap for Health and Well-being in the Western Balkans (2021-2025)” took place with the participation of the Prime Ministers or their representatives of the CEI Member States of the Western Balkans, the CEI Secretary General and the Regional Director of WHO Europe.
Risks and uncertainties in the business community, green and circular economy and digital transformation were among the main topics of discussion of the Economic Conference Montenegro 2021, held in Budva on 2-3 December prior to the CEI Summit  - the concluding event of the CEI Montenegrin Presidency taking place on 3 December. 
SG Roberto Antonione joined the session on “EU enlargement, national and international policies" along with representatives from other key international and regional organisations. He emphasised that regional cooperation strongly fostered to facilitate political dialogue, can only be seen as a strategic contribution to accelerate the enlargement process.
The conference aimed at implementing the “Roadmap for Health in the Western Balkans (2021-2025)”, one of the priorities identified by the "European Work Programme, 2020-2025 - United Action for Better Health", of the WHO Europe Office; and at facilitating knowledge exchange for developing the potential of the social and health care systems.

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On 9 November, the CEI-Executive Secretariat hosted the PRE-RIGHTS national training course at its Headquarters in Trieste, i