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Environmental protection, risk-reduction and resilience

Enhancing environmental protection, risk-reduction, and resilience in the CEI region is crucial due to increasing man-made environmental disasters driven by climate change and resource overexploitation. Reducing the negative impacts of climate change, minimising the effects of pollution and limiting environmental exploitation are, therefore, imperative for future prosperity in CEI Member States.

Climate change is a process that cannot be reversed all at once, but mitigation and adaptation actions are crucial: thus, the CEI is committed to promoting the responsible use of environmental resources, cultural change and resilience, contributing to enhancing the prosperity in its Member States for future generations.

CEI activities mainly focus on: strengthening environmental policies, building cooperation networks and platforms, coordinating initiatives in the field of prevention, preparedness, and response to environmental disasters,  promoting resource efficiency and preservation, and investing in climate-resilient technologies across various sectors, supporting initiatives monitoring and responding to the environmental impacts of conflicts.


Ms. Anna Marconato

Senior Project Manager
+39 040 7786 748

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