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Better health and well-being

Health and well-being are integral to sustainable development. Natural disasters, conflicts, and pandemics, such as Russia's aggression in Ukraine and the COVID-19 outbreak, endanger public health, economies, and stability. To address these challenges, international collaboration is crucial.

The CEI is actively involved in various health activities through cooperation with the WHO, SEEHN and other organization through EU-funded projects. It is committed to improving healthcare systems, access to medicines, and promoting public health education; it aims at fostering trust among stakeholders, enhancing health diplomacy, and bridging science with policymaking.

CEI activities mainly focus on: promoting physical and mental health, sharing knowledge, and encouraging healthier lifestyles through policy reforms and public awareness campaigns; efforts to ensure universal access to healthcare and protection for its citizens, for a healthier, equitable, and more secure future.


Ms. Ana Sinkovic

Project Manager (Focal Point for Health Strategies and Emergencies Response)
+39 040 7786 758

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