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Good governance and institutional development 

Strong institutional capacity and good governance are crucial for democratic stability, security, and European integration. Good governance necessitates transparent and accountable state organisations, fostering multi-level collaboration for long-term development policies rooted in democratic values, rule of law, and human rights. And local authorities are vital in addressing grassroots challenges and engaging citizens.

The CEI serves as a platform for promoting institutional development and governance. Cooperation with regional partners enhances these efforts. The ultimate goal is to accelerate modernisation and institutional transformation, fostering transparent frameworks and inclusive policymaking across diverse societal actors.

CEI initiatives mainly focus on: improving governance, aligning with EU standards, combating corruption and organised crime, enhancing transparency, and supporting local authorities and civil society. Promoting digitalisation, addressing migration challenges, and strengthening cybersecurity are key priorities.


Mr. Ugo Poli

Senior Project Manager
+39 040 7786 759

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