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01/01/2020 - 31/12/2022
€ 7.140.000,00
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MIMOSA is a strategic project funded under Interreg V-A Italy Croatia CBC Programme (Budget: 7.140,000), meaning it tackles thematic objectives of strategic importance for the cross border area. It aims at improving the offer of multimodal sustainable passenger transport solutions and services, by promoting a new cross-border approach for passenger mobility. The strategic relevance of these topics has been further confirmed by the fact that MIMOSA has been labelled as a EUSAIR project and will contribute to the entire Adriatic-Ionian Region through its achievements.

MIMOSA is focused on making mobility of passengers more accessible, low-carbon-based and sustainable; on solving common problems of a predominant road traffic and of a low level of connectivity between Italy and Croatia, by providing citizens and tourists with a wider offer of mobility sustainable options, based on a shared knowledge on transport demand and passenger’s habits and needs.

The MIMOSA partners are committed to providing an up-to-date knowledge of the demand for transport services at local, regional and cross-border level, aiming at shifting passengers from cars to sustainable transport solutions. Numerous pilot actions will be developed such as smart card development, IT multimodal solutions, integration of mobility systems, mobile application development, infrastructure equipment, upgrading info-mobility systems. The project also intends to raise awareness among citizens and tourists on intermodal solutions and to change their behaviour by involving them in campaigns, analysis, testing and providing experiences.

Cooperation with Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia (ARFVG)

MR. Paolo Dileno

Project Manager
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Ms. Ana Sinkovic

Communication Officer



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Ms. Ana Aligrudic

Project Officer
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