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ADRIPASS PLUS project kicks off its activities

The newly approved CEI-led ADRIPASS PLUS project kicked off its activities with a first online consortium meeting on 20 January, setting its deadlines and activities. The project funded under the Interreg ADRION programme, is a follow-up of ADRIPASS, as an additional opportunity for capitalisation activities, that were limited in the previous call due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Analysing and better understanding the physical and non-physical barriers limiting the sustainable development of multimodal transport in the Adriatic Ionian region, developing ICT applications and elaborating and adopting a transnational strategy for the improvement of multimodal transport in ADRION were at the core of the first project.

ADRIPASS PLUS will build upon its positive results achieved and will focus on capitalising and further developing sustainable solutions for improving multimodal freight transport in the region; the new project will, therefore, involve the necessary stakeholders in order to update the ADRIPASS transnational strategy. Special attention will be paid to the COVID-19 effect and its consequent economic crisis.

The project also foresees two pilot activities which envisages a further upgrade and enhancement of already developed ICT platforms in the Ports of Koper and Bar. All these matters will be discussed in the framework of the ADRIPASS Transnational Cooperation Network meetings, where relevant stakeholders representing European, National and Regional public transport authorities will provide suggestions for improvement and eventually reach a joint agreement.

ADRIPASS PLUS will be implemented from January to June 2022, with a total budget of 176,370.00 EUR.

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