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Serbian Director Milica Tomović receives CEI Award at Trieste Film Festival 2022

The CEI Award 2022 at the Trieste Film Festival (TSFF) goes to the Serbian director Milica Tomović for her film Kelti (Celts). It was presented by Zoran Jovanovic, Special  Advisor to the CEI Secretary General on the occasion of the awarding ceremony held in Trieste on 24 January.

A family story and a birthday party set in Belgrade in 1993 become powerful metaphors for the dissolution of a country and the loss of collective identity. A debut feature film by a young Serbian director with a mature, lucid and ironic gaze”, stated the jury committee.

“The idea was to simultaneously deal with my childhood and with my adult life, by trapping them inside one house and one day, and by giving an eight-year-old perspective on that period, with an opportunity to grasp what my parents were going through, now that I’ve reached their age …  the Nineties are used as a frame for an intimate family story, but also as a metaphor of our present time and inevitable repetitions.” said Tomović.

Milica Tomović was born in 1986 in Belgrade where in 2011 she graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts. In 2012 the TFF presented her diploma film, the omnibus Oktobar, and in 2017 her short TransitionKelti is her full-length motion picture debut.

The CEI, through its Cooperation Fundis one of the sponsors of the Trieste Film Festivalthe leading Italian Festival with Central and Eastern European cinema, offering a unique retrospective of quality filmmaking production from the CEI region.
In the framework of the Festival, CEI support is also given to the co-production forum “
When East Meets West” gathering funders, commissioning editors, sales agents, distributors and producers.

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