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TREASURE Project: kick-off meeting sets course for cleaner Mediterranean port areas

The TREASURE – Testing novel environmental quality measures in and around Euro-MED ports – project, aimed at enhancing environmental quality in Mediterranean port areas, successfully launched with a kick-off meeting held in Livorno on 3-4 April, 2024. The meeting brought together key stakeholders and experts from partner organizations to lay the foundation for collaborative efforts in tackling environmental challenges and fostering sustainable practices.

The project, which focuses on mitigating and reducing sediment and water pollution in port areas, addresses a pressing issue affecting coastal and marine ecosystems. With human activities contributing to significant environmental risks, the TREASURE project aims at protecting marine biodiversity and safeguarding the health of surrounding communities.

During the kick-off meeting, participants were introduced to the project's objectives and methodology, emphasising the importance of multi-stakeholder governance, innovative environmental assessment approaches, and novel techniques for environmental remediation. The meeting also provided an opportunity for partners to share insights, features, and priorities specific to their respective port areas.

The main outputs of the TREASURE project will include the development of collaborative agreements, protocols for institutional stakeholder cooperation, and tools for environmental assessment. These outputs will benefit not only the participating port areas but also the wider Mediterranean region by promoting sustainable practices and improving environmental management in port operations.

Taking a cross-border and transnational approach, the TREASURE project recognises the interconnected nature of environmental challenges in Mediterranean port areas. By fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among partners, the project aims to leverage the collective expertise and resources to create lasting positive change by adopting innovative techniques and approaches to tackle environmental issues.

The successful kick-off meeting sets the stage for future activities, including workshops, study visits, and testing phases, where partners will work together to identify and address environmental challenges, implement remediation techniques, and improve overall environmental quality in Mediterranean port areas.

The Central European Initiative – Executive Secretariat is responsible for communication and dissemination activities, as well as for developing a strategy for encouraging the amplification of its impact, by transferring the TREASURE results to other entities outside the consortium.

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