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RIBES Project on pioneering inclusive biobased entrepreneurship solutions in Europe launched in Trieste

The official launch of the Regional Inclusive Biobased Entrepreneurship Solutions (RIBES) project under Horizon Europe was held at the CEI headquarters in Trieste on 21 March. This groundbreaking initiative brings together a dynamic consortium of experts specialising in bioeconomy, sustainable economy, governance, rural development, business management, and research.

Coordinated by the CEI – Executive Secretariat (CEI-ES), RIBES commenced with an inaugural meeting gathering twenty partners from various European regions. The Project aims to spearhead the adoption of bio-based innovations by developing novel governance and business models that integrate the principles of circular bioeconomy, social innovation, and rural development.


At the heart of the RIBES project lies a strong commitment to sustainability and inclusivity. By leveraging the collective expertise and diverse perspectives of its consortium members, this ambitious endeavour seeks to foster economic growth and address societal challenges across nine European regions. RIBES will actively promote the utilisation of bio-based solutions, paving the way for a more environmentally-friendly and socially-responsible future.

Under the guidance of the CEI-ES, the RIBES project is poised to make a significant impact on regional development, highlighting the potential of biobased entrepreneurship as a catalyst for positive change.

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