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FORTIS Project: final conference held in Trieste

On 7 July, the FORTIS Project partners gathered at the premisis of the Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia (ARFVG) in Trieste for their final conference.  They presented the main achievements of the project, starting from the pilots and study results, related to the improvement of cross-border public transport connections between Italy and Slovenia. Additionally, FORTIS established a permanent dialogue in the field of vehicle registration and heavy vehicle checks, which allowed both sides to learn more about repective procedures, legislation and possibilities for future collaboration.

Institutional cooperation has proven to be the real asset of this three-year long partnership, leading to a set of agreements between the ARFVG and the Republic of Slovenia for establishing cross-border public transport conenctions along the entire border. As a result, a set of Memoranda of Understanding will be drawn and signed to capitalise upon the achieved results and strenghten established relationships.

CEI-led FORTIS is a further evidence of how European funded projects can open the path towards new horizons and share knowledge for further synergies and networks.

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