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3rd Green Transition Seminar on new digital and green skills

The 3rd event of the cycle of seminars on Green and Digital Transition organised by CEI-Executive Secretariat in collaboration with the Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region, on 8 July at the MIB in Trieste – MBA in International Business, was held both in presence and remotely.

The amply attended meeting was dedicated to new digital and green skills, the innovation of professionalism and the discovery of innovative solutions in the logistics sector and in particular in the port world. An introduction on trends and scenarios was followed by a panel discussion on opportunities offered by the market, the experiences and digitisation in ship-land relationships in other port areas.

In conclusion, presentations revealed that to exploit the numerous advantages of digitalization (greater efficiency, productivity, speed, control and visibility), the companies involved in each phase of the supply chain must not only equip themselves with technology but must pursue a true organisational transformation of the entire process; more resources are to be devoted to training, in particular for up skilling and re-skilling of existing professional skills.

These higher education seminars - attended by key players linked to maritime and transport sector, in particular with focus on the ports of the North Adriatic - are promoted by the CEI together with the ARFVG, and in cooperation with Maritime Technology Cluster FVG, MARE FVG, The Nautical Academy, the CFLI - Intermodal Logistics Training Center, and Adriaferr.

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