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Preventive Measures and Cross-Border Judicial and Police Cooperation – PRE-RIGHTS Final Conference

Ensuring effective procedural rights guarantees for suspects and accused persons is an essential element of cross-border judicial and police cooperation.

Balancing fundamental rights and security considerations in criminal justice is a complex process involving multiple actors with different roles and priorities. Developing harmonised and coordinated approaches for facilitating cross-border judicial and police cooperation can contribute to the identification and exchange of good practices regarding the application of relevant fundamental rights standards and common procedures.

This complex process calls for the setting up of a multiagency cooperation and constant exchange of information to build trust among competent actors involved in the pursue and prevention of crime.

On 7 July 2022, the PRE-RIGHTS International Conference, organised by the Center for the Study of Democracy in Sofia, Bulgaria, focused on fundamental rights issues in the implementation of EU instruments concerning the principle of mutual recognition in criminal justice matters. The conference brought together law enforcement and criminal justice professionals, and academic scholars. The conference programme featured contributions from leading researchers and experts from Bulgaria, Italy, and the Netherlands.

During the event the innovative Open Training Platform developed within the project, the PRE-RIGHTS Super TOOLKIT, was presented to participants with an overview of all sections and chances to join the training offer made available to all professionals working in the field. 

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