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CEI Piano Forum celebrates Musical Diplomacy

Musicians, experts, teachers, students, critics, press, and interested audience virtually gathered  for  the “CEI Piano Forum” on 12 March 2021, organised by the Piano FVG Association in the framework of the International Piano Competition, a well-renowned contest attracting highly qualified young pianists from all over the world. The event witnessed inspiring discussions on music and its major role in promoting mutual understanding and people-to-people exchanges, with a focus on young people who are amongst the most affected by the impact of the pandemic.

The agenda featured contributions from the director of Piano FVG Association, Davide Fregona, the Bosnian film and theatre director, Haris Pašović (former director of Mittelfest), the Polish pianist Tymoteusz Jan Bies (winner of Piano FVG competition 2018), the Spanish pianist Carles Lama, co-founder, and director of the label KNS Classica, and the Austrian pianist Johannes Kropfitsch.  

In welcoming the participants, CEI Deputy Secretary-General Nina Kodelja emphasised the CEI's attention to keeping intercultural dialogue and cultural diversity alive. In particular, she recalled the crucial role played by culture in times of crisis and its positive impact on the resilience and wellbeing of communities, which can ultimately contribute to sustainable development.

The well-established Slovenian pianist Dubravka Tomšič Srebotnjak, professor emeritus of the Ljubljana Music Academy - who acted as President of the Jury of the Piano FVG Competition - announced the list of candidates selected for the last round of the competition as well as the winners of the Special Prizes.

In line with the CEI’s longstanding commitment to promoting intercultural cooperation in the region, this year we have awarded the young Albanian pianist Kostandin Tashko with the CEI Special Prize. Tashko, who has distinguished himself in national and international piano competitions, was born in Tirana in 1997 and is currently studying at the Trieste Music Conservatory “Giuseppe Tartini”. The awarding ceremony is envisaged to take place in May 2021.


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