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INTER-CONNECT Final Newsletter

If we could give a ‘poetic description’ of our Inter-Connect project, this would be ‘from healthy roots to nutrient-dense fruits’.  

With the support of a wide network of stakeholders - the ‘Inter-Connect Intelligence’ - we have made tangible steps forward for intermodality and interconnectivity: e.g. intermodal passengers’ transportation policy documents, a best practices review, 8 real case studies, stakeholder and traveler consultation and recommendations (surveys to real users, local community) as well as strategy development.

Have a look at our Final Newsletter to get an insight on the main achievements and cluster activities we are running, looking at the future.

We hope our 3-year cross-border collaboration on passenger Intermodality promotion will inspire you to join us in our efforts towards a more sustainable and connected ADRION region!

For more info: 

Inter-Connect is co-financed under the Interreg ADRION Programme. It aims at revitalising rail use in the Adriatic Ionian region by promoting specific actions to support public transport intermodality as well as providing tools for turning connectivity plans into reality.

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