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International "Crossing Borders" conference on audience development in theatres

The international “Crossing Borders” conference - held in Maribor, Slovenia on 14-16 October witnessed a wide range of presentations and lectures about: audience development strategies, approaches to increase attendance in theatres and examples of good practice case studies.  The presentations were complimented with debates on how to develop theatre audiences, practical workshops and festival events that included different performances.

The three-day Conference - hosted by the 54th Maribor Theatre Festival Borštnikovo srečanje and supported by the CEI Cooperation Fund – in particular offered space to exchange opinions and experiences at the creative, theoretical and practical level. Day 1 offered lectures on the “Audience development Strategies” and “Theatre Ecosystem”, a guided tour of “The Space Within the Space: Scenography in Slovenia before 1991” exhibition and “The Castle is Burning!” concert

Day 2 started with “A Coolturally Cure-ious Walking Tour” and continued with a performance “Mankind”. Furthermore, the “Architecture of Relationships” included presentation of the good practices and was held by several theatre professionals. The day ended with the “Eichmann in Jerusalem” performance and discussion.

The last day witnessed a “Step by Step” workshop and the presentation of the “Creative Europe” project. Moreover, “Let's Cross the Borders” platform allowed the participants opportunity to share their ideas on the conference. In addition, participants had a possibility to see two theatre performances: “White Fang” and White Rabbit Red Rabbit”.

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