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Young Europeans kick off first hybrid session of European Youth Parliament

The CEI co-funded 93rd International Session of the European Youth Parliament (EYP) was concluded on Sunday, 10 July. This first hybrid session was held at the College of Europe (Natolin Campus) and brought together decision-makers, representatives from NGOs, institutions, and young people to discuss the future of Europe.

The conference started from the premise that the recent events have increased the need for young Europeans to have a say in the future of Europe. As the topics for the session were selected with this exact purpose in mind, Warsaw 2021 gave them the chance to have an ultimate say in what kind of Europe, and thus what kind of future, they should be working towards. The discussions revolved around the topics of civil rights, economy, environment, digital societies, among others.

CEI Deputy Secretary-General Zoran Jovanovic who participated in the Opening Ceremony of the General Assembly on 10 July remarked that a European future for all the countries of the CEI region was the starting idea behind the foundation of the Organisation in 1989. 32 years later this idea is still alive as the CEI’s main activities are focused on how to bring non-EU countries closer to EU membership. Jovanovic also informed the participants about the upcoming second CEI-AII Call for Ideas and Award competition supporting high school students from the CEI Member States to engage with the UN Agenda 2030. 

EYP, a long-standing partner and beneficiary of the CEI, is a youth-driven programme – run by young people, for young people - mainly voluntarily. From its operational office in Berlin, over the years the EYP has enabled thousands of youth from different backgrounds to build intercultural understanding and friendships across borders.

As a result of the content originated at the many events across the continent, the EYP is confident it can make a more sustainable and long-term impact by sharing their ideas with people in decision-making positions. A vivid example of this interaction is their cooperation with the European Parliament where they are one of the main youth networks engaging young people with the Conference on the Future of Europe.

This hybrid session eased the organisation and implementation of logistical and technological matters and fostered an inclusive and open space for youth participation and cooperation which is at the heart of the EYP Sessions.

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