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Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to counter COVID-19

COVIDAI is a CEI-funded project in the framework of the COVID-19 Extraordinary Call for Proposals / Know-how Exchange Programme. It aims at analysing factors influencing COVID-19 development in humans, including genetics, blood markers, geographical position, as well as medical x-ray images.

The six-month project was implemented by the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of the University of Kragujevac (UNIKG) in Serbia, in cooperation with the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Rijeka (RITEH) and the Clinical Hospital Centre (KBCRI) in Croatia.

The unique Artificial Intelligence (AI)tool provides a set of solutions for COVID-19 development both in specific patients (personalised model), as well as on the level of region (epidemiological model). With this goal, the COVIDAI tool would help medical experts to decide whether the  patient would be subject to further analysis and prescribe adequate therapy.

In particular, this project has created an epidemiological model for COVID-19 – three sub-models: the first one is based on differential equations and focuses on three countries (Serbia, Croatia and Belgium) and the other models are based on genetic programming (tested on data from the USA).

Information on the progress and development of the project has been published through journal articles, conferences as well as on social media accounts and media channels across Serbia and Croatia.

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