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ACSELL Workshop on Living Lab Methodology

In Antwerp, Belgium, on 9-10, the Interreg Project ACSELL held a two-day workshop on the Living Lab methodology— led by LiCalab, a research group of the Thomas More University of Applied Sciences assisting businesses and organisations by testing and validating innovations with end users. The goal of the event was supporting ACSELL project partners in the implementation of their action plans for improving regional and national policies and initiatives fostering demand-driven and open innovation.

During the gathering, experts from research centres, universities, regional governments, and other organisations gathered to discuss how to best adapt the Living Lab methodology within their different regional and national contexts. Focusing on how to maximise the impact of innovative solutions and technologies, the discussion revolved around how stakeholders’ management and end-users’ engagement can be used during all phases of the development process through co-creation and real-life testing activities.

ACSELL - ACCelerating SmE innovation capacities with a Living Lab approach

Since the CEI is helping the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region (FVG) in the development of strategies and initiatives fostering active and healthy aging at regional, national, and European level, the two-day workshop contributed to improving the regional framework conditions for demand-driven innovation. With the aim of better coordination and management of effective demand-driven innovation, the acquired methodology for real-life testing and assessment of innovative solutions represents a crucial step towards the Region’s goal of developing a living lab for active and healthy aging in the FVG region.

The joint efforts of the ACSELL consortium, led by the specialised knowledge of LiCalab, contributed to the production of a detailed manual on how to carry out living lab projects with user-centered design research methods. Also informed by the results of the activities carried out by the CEI during the project, read the publication 'Establishing a sustainable living lab'.

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