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SUSTOURISMO: 4th webinar on building a sustainable tourism community

The Interreg Adrion Project SUSTOURISMO held its 4th capacity building webinar on 11 November. It was the last one of a series of four webinars aimed at connecting and promoting the dialogue among key actors of the tourism and public transport sector on the topic of sustainable tourism, in order to raise awareness on key drivers of sustainable tourism while reducing the carbon footprint tourism.

The goal of this event was to showcase some best practices of sustainable mobility beyond the project partnership to encourage the transfer of knowledge and interaction across countries and turn into a community catalyst.

In fact, digital innovative solutions and a consistent holistic approach to sustainable tourism engaging with stakeholders and respecting the citizens have proved to have very positive results in cities like Dubrovnik which had been hindered by over-tourism and Seasonalisation and which is now a model of sustainable tourism mobility.

SUSTOURISMO - Sustainable Tourism & Mobility Hand-by-Hand development

Three SUSTOURISMO partners (CERTH, PIL and City of Zadar) discussed the lessons learned from the respective pilot actions implemented in the summer 2022 and project results. They focused on how the partner areas can build on the outcomes to further promote sustainable tourism mobility in their regions.

Communicating achievements, creating new synergies and capitalizing on project results is key to learn from each other and ensure the transferability of project’s outputs beyond the project area and build a stronger sustainable tourism community.

For this purpose, the final Conference of the project will be held in Trieste on 7 December. The event will be open to the wider public and will be a great opportunity to connect and interact with high level profiles on the topic of sustainable tourism mobility. More information on the date, place & registration to follow.

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