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2nd Green Transition Seminar: perspectives and operational tools towards a decarbonisation of ports 

On 30 June, the 2nd event of the series of Green Transition Seminars organised by the CEI-Executive Secretariat - Central European initiative in collaboration with the Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region was dedicated to sustainability. 

The virtual meeting examined the various aspects of a possible decarbonisation also in the light of recent geopolitical events. It highlighted the tools needed to plan and design activities from a GREEN perspective, specifying that to "quantify" the degree of sustainability of a port system or service, companies and organisations have a very broad set of tools (certifications, labels, indicators, etc.), at their disposal.  And that nevertheless there is little clarity on how and why a company could use them.  

In this regard, the tools examined during the seminar highlighted the need for multidisciplinary skills and ad hoc training courses. 

These higher education seminars - attended by key players linked to maritime and transport sector, in particular with focus on the ports of the North Adriatic - are promoted by the CEI together with the ARFVG, and in cooperation with Maritime Technology Cluster FVG, MARE FVG, The Nautical Academy, the CFLI - Intermodal Logistics Training Center, and Adriaferr.

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