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TAAFE project towards alpine age-friendly environment, Final Conference and project main outcomes

The final event of the TAAFE project  - Towards an Alpine Age – Friendly Environment (Treviso, Italy, 31 May - 1June) was an opportunity to illustrate the concrete results achieved by the project and to meet in person among project partners, TRIO members and seniors who have worked in the five pilot cities of Feldbach (Austria), Marseille (France) Mössingen (Germany), Treviso (Italy) and Žiri (Slovenia). The TAAFE model, a participatory framework for developing an age-friendly environment that can be adopted by the public authorities of the Alpine Space, was tested in the five pilot sites of the project. The activities carried out in the TAAFE area clearly demonstrated the importance of building age-friendly environments fostering long-term participation, inclusiveness, and recognition of senior citizens.

Participation and concreteness, which are two of the pillars of the TAAFE Model, have been fully achieved and are visible in the pilot cities and in the attitude of the people and communities involved.

The two years of evaluation activities in the TAAFE project presented a precise picture of the key areas for intervention to promote active and healthy ageing to support all stakeholders involved in the five TAAFE pilot sites. The evaluation model was developed by the Central European Initiative, leader of the evaluation activities, and it was based on the 8 dimensions of the WHO Age-friendly Cities Guide.

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