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Towards an Alpine Age – Friendly Environment

Project status
EU Project

The T.A.A.F.E project is co-financed by the Interreg Alpine Space Programme.

TAAFE aims at building a participatory framework - TAAFE model - for developing an age-friendly environment and an improved delivery of services in the Alpine Space (AS) by exploiting the concept of sustainable age-friendly environments (AFE) using an integrative approach to optimise social and physical environments and promote active, healthy ageing and participation in society.

The Central European Initiative-Executive Secretariat is responsible for the pre and post evaluation of the TAAFE model.

The center of the project is the so-called TRIO. A team composed of at least: one senior representing the voice of the elderly, one facilitator which facilitates the work in the field and acts as multiplier into the society and one policy maker or representative of the local administration to anchor the understanding of age-friendly environments in long-term.

Health and Social Innovation
CEI role
01/01/2019 - 30/06/2022
CEI quota
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Ms. Alice Pappas

Project Officer
+39 040 7786 786

Ms. Stefania Silvestri

Project Officer
+39 040 7786 737

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