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Updated Trasnational Strategy for Improvement of Multimodal Transport in Adrion Area

Over the last six months the ADRIPASS PLUS partners have collected relevant inputs and updated the previously delivered Transnational Strategy for the Improvement of Multimodal Transport in Adrion Area. The strategy was one of the main outputs of the CEI-led ADRIPASS project, completed in December 2020 and representing the main basis for the ADRIPASS Transnational Cooperation Network.

The Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in cooperation with the Lead Partner and project partners, collected relevant information from the main stakeholders in the area, in connection to the new European, national and regional strategic documents, the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent economic crisis.

Further feedback was collected during two meetings of the Transnational Cooperation Network, held in March and June 2022.

The Strategy provides relevant information for policymakers in terms of ensuring sustainable, smart and resilient multimodal transport Europe-wide. It is an overview of the main strategic documents in the whole ADRION area, with a particular focus on the links with the hinterland and border crossing points. It also suggests measures and goals, inputs for the improvement of multimodal transport and its competitiveness, including an overview of measures in the EU and the Western Balkans.

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