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Facilitating knowledge transfer in wound care management between Romanian and Moldovan NGOs

The topic of wound healing and wound care has been recognised as an essential part of medicine. Nevertheless, the principles for chronic wound treatment are not included in the curricula of doctors and nurses worldwide, which leaves health care professionals largely on their own when grappling with educational development. By the same token, patients are experiencing disparate kinds of treatment, depending on the singular quality of the centres in which they are being treated.

The COVID-19 pandemic has constrained the capacities of home care programmes, resulting in patients with chronic diseases being sent home from the hospitals and left with limited medical assistance. All these complex circumstances call for a more systemic approach, where wound treatments are guaranteed with utmost effectiveness.

Thanks to the CEI Know-how Exchange Programme in the framework of the COVID-19 Extraordinary Call for Proposals, Caritas Alba Iulia - an NGO with a 25-year experience in the field of medical and social assistance - was able to transfer knowledge in wound management to its Moldovan project partner the Centre for Social and Medical Home Assistance (CASMED) especially through online training.

During the project, the newly acquired expertise was used to treat patients in Moldova and Romania. New communications equipment was also integrated to facilitate the organisation of the activities.

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