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ACSELL Project ends delivering tangible benefits to Friuli Venezia Giulia Region

After four years of mutual learning activities and project implementation fostering regional development and collaboration in 7 countries, the Accelerating SME Innovation Capacities with a Living Lab Approach (ACSELL) Interreg project has officially ended.

The initiative brought together diverse stakeholders, including SMEs, research institutions, and local authorities, to create an ecosystem that nurtured demand-driven innovation and end-users’ engagement for smarter and more integrated interregional policy instruments.

Among the key project achievements are the establishment of the Living Lab Methodology, which introduced a real-world testing environment for SMEs, fostering innovation and integrating end-users and stakeholders throughout the process; a cross-border collaboration, which utilised the Interreg framework for knowledge exchange and best practices between regions; regional innovation facilitating the exchange of knowledge and best practices among policymakers, enhancing and fine-tuning regional policy frameworks based on successful strategies from other regions; and innovative international events to highlight the benefits of the Living Lab methodology and showcase the project's impact on healthcare innovation policies.

The conclusion of the ACSELL Project has especially left a lasting impact on the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region. Indeed, through the introduction of the living lab methodology, the project facilitated collaboration among the regional government, healthcare institutions, and research organisations to co-create and test innovative solutions for active and healthy aging. The project's influence extended to healthcare practices, contributing to policy improvements in the region.

Lessons learned from ACSELL emphasise the importance of cooperation in policymaking for the elderly, with plans to disseminate these insights for a broader regional impact. By integrating active and healthy aging principles into the innovation ecosystem, ACSELL has established a foundation for long-term sustainability, promoting continuous improvement and adaptation to population needs.

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