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PROCAREFUL Project promotes hybrid care model in Treviso

In the framework of a broader national event “50 sfumature di cura”, the Institute for Older Care and Sheltered Homes - ISRAA, the PROCAREFUL Lead Partner, addressed the audience of health and social workers, psychologists, caregivers, geriatric experts, with the aim of presenting the mapping results performed by the consortium, to identify existing and valuable e-care and m-care solutions. The two-day event was held in Treviso on 12-13 October, with the participation of national experts, local and national decision – makers, stakeholders and opinion leaders.

The results will be used to shape the PROCAREFUL hybrid care model to support elderly people and other adults in need of care, and to improve their mental and physical level of wellness and autonomy taking advantage of the digitalisation.

The model will be tested through dedicated pilots in Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Poland and Slovania and the social impact of the model and piloting results will be evaluated by the CEI.

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