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CEI meets Republic of North Macedonia Business Support Organisations in framework of EU for economic growth project

Representatives from Business Support Organisations of the Republic of North Macedonia convened at Area Science Park in Trieste, Italy for the gathering (16-18 October) organised in the framework of the project EU for Economic Growth (EU4EG), in which CEI participates as an associated partner.

The event offered participants a comprehensive exploration of crucial elements driving economic development where the three-day gathering encompassed an in-depth examination of digitalisation, shedding light on sustainable digital solutions and successful IoT companies, along with insights into test-before-invest facilities supporting digital innovation. The programme also delved into the valorisation of research results, emphasising the linkage between services within science parks and research organisations, and EU funding opportunities for research and innovation.

The CEI strives to support policy development encouraging research driving innovation and entrepreneurship.

Secretary General Roberto Antonione highlighted North Macedonia's active role as a member of the CEI and its commitment to the CEI mission fostering regional cooperation for sustainable development; he also underscored the importance of cohesive efforts in the face of contemporary geopolitical challenges, stressing the CEI's commitment in facilitating cooperation, especially with Business Support Organisations (BSOs), in order to create ecosystems promoting economic growth and combating brain drain; Antonione especially expressed confidence in the visit's potential for fostering collaboration, and generating innovative ideas and job opportunities for the future.

The final day focused on supporting start-ups, highlighting essential tools and methodologies crucial for their success. This immersive experience fostered collaboration, knowledge exchange, and a heightened understanding of the significance of innovation, entrepreneurship, and research in achieving sustainable economic growth. In this setting, CEI Senior Executive Officer Alessandro Lombardo underscored the various possibilities for BSOs available within CEI’s funds and instruments supporting regional cooperation through the CEI funds and instruments.

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