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“ CARE F.or U.sers L.ife”

Project status

The PROCAREFUL project – CARE F.or U.sers L.ife is co-financed by the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Programme. 

PROCAREFUL works towards the creation of a hybrid home care service delivery and responds to a new need to support the active and healthy ageing of a growing number of citizens, who often wish to be taken care of in their own homes.  

The Project aims at providing solutions, models and technological tools to care providers, policy makers, health and social care managers, as technical solutions to support independent living are often inexistent or unavailable, especially in rural regions. 

To achieve this, partners will work on solutions that combine face-to-face care with remote and digital assistance based on machine learning and artificial intelligence to support independent living of older and vulnerable people in need of care. 

The model will be tested in five regions. 

The CEI - Executive Secretariat is responsible for the evaluation of the social impact of the PROCAREFUL model and the development of policy guidelines for policy makers and health care stakeholders. 

Health and Social Innovation
CEI role
01/03/2023 - 28/02/2026
CEI quota
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Ms. Anna Marconato

Senior Project Manager
+39 040 7786 748

Ms. Alice Pappas

Project Officer
+39 040 7786 786

Mr. Gabriele Mingolla

Project Officer
+39 040 7786 763

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