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Encouraging primary health care: insights from CEI on IDEAHL project at WHO conference

Building on the cooperation with the WHO Regional Office for Europe, the CEI – Executive Secretariat has been invited to support the WHO international event “Primary health care policy and practice: implementing for better results”- co-hosted by the WHO Regional Office for Europe, UNICEF and the Government of Kazakhstan on 27 September. The event focused on strategic health leadership at the national and subnational levels shaping the transformation of primary health care and service delivery.  

At the conference, the CEI participated as a speaker in the deep dive session on enhancing health literacy and digital health literacy. The aim was to share concepts and practices that could help develop a policy strategy, re-orienting Primary Health Care (PHC) to be more literate. The online session, featuring 10 high-level experts from diverse countries, gave participants the chance to learn from existing strategies and initiatives aimed at fostering health and digital literacy (d)HL skills and interventions.  

As part of the Improving Digital Empowerment for Active Healthy Living (IDEAHL) project, the CEI shared its experience in engaging policymakers within the large co-creation process supporting the development of the IDEAHL Strategy at European level. The event allowed the CEI to showcase the joint efforts of the IDEAHL project consortium - underlining the importance of gathering insights from all relevant stakeholders to ensure that better health is achieved without leaving anyone behind.  

Thanks to its results in the implementation of the CEI health agenda, the WHO offered an exhibitor boot to showcase the organization and its activities, together with the IDEAHL project’s results and methodology. The boot is available to all registered participants. 

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