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Winners of 3rd edition of Rainer Maria Rilke International Literary Prize Competition presented at CEI HQ

In a morning press conference held at the CEI Headquarters on 26 September, the prestigious Rainer Maria Rilke International Prize and its programme were unveiled, presenting deserving participants and their exceptional literary contributions.

Zsuzsanna Kiraly, CEI Deputy Secretary General opened the gathering, with Massimo Romita, President of the Ermada Vidonis Group, esteemed writer Mary Barbara Tolusso, and acclaimed poet and publisher Gabriella Musetti.

This year's competition, under the patronage of the CEI, was concluded in June. It witnessed an impressive turnout with over 240 authors participating. The results of the rigorous selection revealed the triumphant finalists of "Section A" - Luca Baldoni with “Anno Naturale,” Michele Obit with “La Balena e lefogli,” and Beatriche Achille from Trieste with “Medeatiche,” the latter also earning the Under-35 mention. The jury further recognised six noteworthy works with special mentions across Italian, foreign, and minority languages.

DSG Kiraly underlined that promoting intercultural dialogue and respect for the diversity of cultural expressions was essential to foster mutual understanding and good neighbourly relations and that “we greatly appreciate the opportunity that the Rilke Prize offers for the promotion of poetry as a means of creative expression and communication that encourages sharing and dialogue, also with an opening to CEI countries”.

The award has now become an integral part of the Duino&Book Festival of Angels, showcasing the diverse array of works by Italian and foreign poets that delve into contemporary questions with an artistic blend of intuition, linguistic expressiveness, and existential exploration.

Rainer Maria Rilke (Prague, December 4, 1875 - Les Planches, December 29, 1926), was an Austrian writer, poet and playwright of Bohemian origin. Author of works in both prose and poetry, he is most famous for the Duino Elegies (begun during a stay in Duino). 

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