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European-funded projects explore collaborations for digital health literacy advancements and IDEAHL workshop

On 18 September, the IDEAHL project consortium organised an enlightening online workshop titled "Synergies on (Digital) Health Literacy," inviting key European-funded projects and policymakers. Despite the exclusivity, the event attracted a notable group of 20 participants, laying the foundations for future collaborations.

Firstly, the IDEAHL team explained their project's essence and core principles, delving into the present status of their pioneering digital health literacy strategy—a key project output.

Subsequently, representatives from esteemed EU-funded projects, including HARMONY and HARMONY PLUS, dRural and Ciudacia, TIMELY, SHIFT-HUB, and DHU, took the virtual stage. Although diverse in focus—ranging from rare diseases and health data to rural service marketplaces—the common thread was the imperative need for augmented digital literacy across national populations. The projects shared groundbreaking insights into fostering digital health solutions, personalising healthcare through AI-powered apps, and more.

In conclusion, it became evident that these projects hold immense potential for establishing valuable connections, collaborating effectively, and mutually benefiting from their interactions and expertise. This workshop served as a platform for potential synergies that could lead to innovative developments in the field of digital health literacy and related domains.

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