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MFA Meeting in New York unveils unity for European integration

The informal MFA meeting (luncheon) on the margins of the UN General Assembly, where the CEI has had observer status since 2011, was successfully held in New York on 20 September. 

At this traditional annual event, the Foreign Ministers from CEI Member States openly discuss the most topical issues and determine the Organisation's future direction.

This year’s meeting was hosted by Nicu Popescu, Moldova’s Foreign Minister, in his capacity of CEI Presidency 2023. In his opening remarks, he set the stage for lively exchange of views on the progress of the European integration process, especially under the current geopolitical scenario of the region marked by the continuing Russian aggression against Ukraine. The role of the CEI in these circumstances was also highlighted. 

In this regard, CEI Secretary General Roberto Antonione singled out two political priorities to address the multifaceted challenges in the current international context: 1. further support for Ukraine, and 2. helping the CEI non-EU countries, all EU candidates, in their European integration process. Moreover, Antonione shed light on activities geared in this direction, i.e. through stronger political support and intensified dialogue within the CEI Dimensions, in particular, the Governmental and the Parliamentary; and through concrete efforts including projects and strategic partnerships facilitated by the CEI for implementing reforms. 

Subsequently, the Ministers engaged in discussions on these topics, while conveying their idea on how to further enhance the CEI’s role and its potential as an EU integration advocate. The consequences of the war in Ukraine were also addressed, with specific remarks on jeopardised security and peace, but also on future initiatives and projects for providing aid to both Ukraine and the countries and sectors affected by such consequences.

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