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Boosting cross-border passenger mobility through sustainable and connected services: MIMOSA final conference in Opatija

The MIMOSA project (MarItime and MultimOdal Sustainable pAssenger transport solutions and services) has successfully come to an end after three and a half years, thanks to an ample partnership of more than 50 people committed to sustainability and to improving passenger transport mobility.

The final project conference in Opatija (Croatia) on 14 June, was opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Maritime studies of the University of Rijeka (Project Partner), Ana Perić, and by the Rector of the University, Snježana Prijić. During her opening speech, Peric underlined how MIMOSA had brought about new knowledge to the scientific portfolio of the University.

Keynote speaker, CEI Deputy Secretary General Nina Kodelja, stressed that sustainable mobility had been on top of the agenda of the CEI-Executive Secretariat (CEI-ES) over the last years and that the Organisation was willing to capitalise on the practices of the MIMOSA project while promoting integration in our territories.

The main MIMOSA achievements and perspectives were presented by Project Manager, Paolo Dileno (CEI-Executive Secretariat), who illustrated how the project had improved cross-border connections between Italy and Croatia through increased knowledge on cross-border passenger mobility, the development and implementation of tangible solutions and through strengthened institutional dialogue and cooperation.

A continued future cooperation was discussed in the framework of the newly launched SUSMOB Network aimed at providing tangible tools and contributions to implement the macro-regional strategies.

MIMOSA was funded under the Interreg cross border Italy-Croatia Programme. It aimed at improving cross-border connections between Italy and Croatia through sustainable and intermodal solutions, based on analysis and studies performed by the scientific partners. The CEI-ES coordinated the project activities and guided the consortium of 18 partners towards the common objective of a more sustainable and coordinated cross-border mobility.

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