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ACSELL project final event

After four years of successful activities, the partners of the ACSELL project gathered for their final event at the University of Tübingen in Germany on 16 May. The conference focused on showcasing how lessons learned and experiences gained throughout the project life-cycle had paved the way towards better demand-driven and open innovation in 7 Countries.

The gathering was an opportunity to share insights with participants on topics such as the implementation of the Demand-Driven Innovation Maturity Model (OSAT), the benefits of the Living Lab approach for SMEs, and the state of the art of open innovation in Europe. Thanks to the various objectives of the ACSELL consortium, as well as the different characteristics of the countries involved in the project, the event provided a multifaceted portrayal of the challenges, lessons learned, and experiences created by adapting the Living Lab methodology within different regional and national contexts.

Since the CEI assisted the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region in their actions to support active and healthy aging at regional, national, and European level, the event also showcased the impact of the acquired methodology for real life testing on the development of more user-centered innovative solutions for better health and wellbeing of senior citizens.

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