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GRETA Project officially starts its activities

On 18 April the Interreg Central Europe project GRETA - Greening Regional fReight Transport in fuAs - kick-started its activities under the coordination of the Institute for Transport and Logistics Foundation (ITL).

The project aims to tackle the significant negative impact urban deliveries have on the environment, road safety and quality of life in cities. The increase in e-commerce and the Covid19 pandemic have exacerbated these issues, leading to increased emissions, noise and congestion in limited public spaces, loss of time and resources, and challenges regarding economic performance.

Despite the deployment of Sustainable Urban Mobility and Logistics Plans (SUMPs and SULPs), Central European cities are struggling to achieve climate neutrality and create livable and accessible cities for all citizens by 2030.

GRETA will explore criticalities and opportunities related to a shared and flexible use of public spaces and to curb-side management. 10 project partners under the coordination of ITL will join forces to implement joint solutions to be deployed through ad hoc pilot actions in Reggio Emilia, Maribor, Poznan, Verona and Budapest aimed at testing concrete solutions to reduce delivery emissions. The pilots will have a transnational approach to facilitate the exchange of experience, knowledge, and challenges capitalising on already existing projects and their results, and on synergies with other projects on the same topics.

More information about the project is available at the following link!

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