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CEI Piano Forum 2023 on music competitions, training, careers 

As a follow-up of the 2021 edition focused on “Music diplomacy”, this year’s CEI Piano Forum (Sacile, Italy, 2-6 May) – organised by the Association Piano FVG - provided a platform for exchanging good practices and experiences, but also ideas and prospects to support the young musicians from the CEI region in their early career. Special attention was paid to the need for strengthening the mobility of musicians; the perspectives offered by the multimedia technologies; the promotion of gender equality and equal opportunities for male and female musicians.

Expert presentations were delivered by: Marcella Crudeli, founder and jury president of the Rome International Piano Competition, founder and president of EPTA-European Piano Teachers Association, Italy; Graziella Duma Menghires, coordinator of G. Enescu Festival and Competition, Bucharest; Gustav Alink, co-founder and director of Alink-Argerich Foundation, The Netherlands; Kostandin Tashko from Albania, winner of the CEI Special Prize in 2021; Annamaria Poggioli, President of BPW FIDAPA Pordenone.

CEI Senior Executive Officer, Barbara Fabro welcomed the participants on behalf of the CEI underlining the role played by cultural diplomacy in strengthening international relations through mutual understanding and people-to-people exchanges. She also emphasised that the promotion of talented young musicians was in line with the CEI Youth Agenda and the CEI priorities in the field of intercultural cooperation.

The CEI Piano Forum was organised in the framework of the International Piano Competition FVG which, among other prizes, also included a Special CEI Prize. The international jury, chaired by the renowned Slovenian pianist Dubravka Tomšič Srebotnjak from Slovenia, decided to assign the CEI Special Prize 2023 to Lukasz Wilga from Poland.

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