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Final Conference of ICARUS project held in Trieste

On 7 December 2021, ICARUS partners and stakeholders met in Trieste to discuss the results achieved over the last 3 years. The project delivered important outcomes regarding Information and Communication Technology (ICT), behaviour change, and Mobility as a Service (MaaS), to enhance cross-border sustainable connections between Italy and Croatia.

Hence, the consortium presented their 8 pilot activities consisting of web platforms and applications for providing immediate information on sustainable transport solutions available in the cross-border area, followed by new or improved cross-border intermodal services supported by data collection and studies to incentivise citizens to change their behavior.

In this regard, prof. Andrea Stocchetti from the University Ca’ Foscari spoke about the importance of the change of mindset to shift to new and more sustainable transport means. Such a change can be achieved by introducing policies or new rules, which are not always readily accepted by the citizens. On the other hand, through a set of promotion actions, surveys, and soft measures such a change can be achieved and accepted by citizenship. The crucial point stands in the involvement of the main stakeholders but above all the involvement of the citizens, tourists, commuters.

With its results, the ICARUS project contributed to national, regional, and international policies. Indeed, the project outputs and in particular the pilot activities have implemented some innovative measures foreseen at political level. The last part of the conference was dedicated to the Enlarged Transfer Programme (ETP), a training programme, through which non-partner institutions can get insights and specific training into mobility issues. The best action plans developed by the City of Porec and TW project supported by the City of Pula received an official award from the ICARUS project.

The ICARUS project does not stop here. Several partners showed how they will capitalise on the performed activities and how they will transfer their knowledge to other areas. Synergies built with other EU-funded projects will create new opportunities for further development of the new and improved transport passenger solutions.

For more information visit the project website.

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