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Cross-border partnership supports health operators in piloting telemedicine in Moldova

The six-month project funded through the CEI Extraordinary Call launched in response to the COVID-19, aimed at facilitating and adjusting telemedicine in 5 care centres in Moldova. With telemedicine being recognised as a new technology for Moldovan healthcare, the project focused on strengthening the collaboration with the Romanian partner, the “Social Link” association, whose experts were responsible for the transfer of knowledge to Moldovan colleagues.

Project teams from Romania and the Republic of Moldova participated in joint events on telemedicine platform testing, with Romanian experts providing psychological consultancies to medical staff and patients from the Republic of Moldova. Overall, the project reached about 2900 beneficiaries from the 5 care centres. It ensured they had better access to necessary services, as well as training to 25 nurses to develop competencies and practical skills for the benefit of telemedicine.

Overall, the project initiated a campaign to promote telemedicine and to extend the network from 5 pilot regions across the country, with support from the central authorities, the most important being the one provided by the Moldovan Ministry of Health, which will be able to initiate draft laws and facilitate this dissemination across the entire country.

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