The CEI has recently participated in the WHO-led ministerial and expert subregional meeting on health and well-being in the Western Balkans.

CEI Secretary General Roberto Antonione - during the panel discussion on “Building countries areas and partners synergies in support to the key priority initiatives and actions”  - emphasised that health would be a priority in the years to come and that the CEI would continue to promote health-related activities through regional cooperation in line with its double commitment: enhancing governance and projects that support European integration and fostering transnational cooperation.

WHO Regional Office for Europe’s Director Hans Kluge remarked that the pandemic had demonstrated the need for Universal Health Coverage, equitable access to health care and drugs; and that in the Western Balkans, as elsewhere, it had exacerbated health and economic inequalities. Hence,  “stronger governance along with regional and sub-regional collaboration should be paramount, with health as a driver for development and integration”, he added.

The CEI contributed to the discussion by confirming its determination to build synergies and provide support for the key priority areas of action for health in the Western Balkans, proposed in the draft roadmap. The roadmap is intended to be finalised and implemented jointly by the Western Balkans, with support from the key partners.

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