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Health portal widens opportunities between EU and non-EU countries

The CEI-funded project within the COVID-19 Extraordinary Call/Know-how Exchange Programme, PPE HEALTH PORTAL, has created a reference portal for the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) sector and telemedicine solutions. The platform has a dual function: it transfers knowledge and best practices in the field of production reconversion, and it acts as a meeting point facilitating and encouraging business collaborations  between EU PPE manufacturers and non-EU companies/know-how recipients interested in producing PPE.

With the involvement of 136 companies (23 from Italy, 9 from Poland, 14 from Bosnia and Herzegovina, 30 from Serbia, 6 from North Macedonia and 33 from Ukraine), the project exceeded the expectations envisioned in the initial targets.

The positive impacts include new collaborations between the promoters and the beneficiaries such as project partners, local experts, intermediate organisations, as well as synergies created with the CBM Clusters of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, with the clusters of research centres from non-EU countries and local organisations.

The design idea was born taking into account existing context and needs, which has enabled the successful implementation of the project and its objectives. This portal is a permanent tool that will remain available for companies and intermediate organisations (PPE buyers, distributors, and importers).

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