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Disability e-learning platform supports people with intellectual disabilities in Albania

With the COVID-19 Extraordinary Call the CEI-Executive Secretariat has enabled the Albanian NGO Help the Life Association (Ndihmoni Jeten) to implement the project “Disability E-learning Platform (DEP)”.

In July 2020, it started unrolling the CEI-funded project aimed at enabling people with intellectual disabilities to receive psychological support and rehabilitation services in an era of social distancing and emergency through effective online support services.

By firstly setting up an online platform developed by a specialised IT company, they started the e-learning process in October 2020. Research for best practices and similar models were prepared by the main expert. Hence, they identified two main categories of beneficiaries who needed to be supported: the ones with an autism spectrum disorder and the ones with intellectual disability. Each category has its own formats divided by age group; these two categories represent the most common diagnoses the organisation works with.

In total, 34 children, youngsters with disabilities and their families have received online services from 4 specialists, twice a week. Overall, 270 one-hour sessions have been provided. Moreover, the staff is still working on new programmes for additional beneficiaries who will be introduced to the platform to reach the beneficiary number set in the project.

Funded under the CEI Cooperation Fund.

More on the NGO!

The Association has been working since 1998 to promote the rights and wellbeing of children and youth with disabilities in Albania. It has a long expertise in service provision for children with disabilities in community-based rehabilitation centres as well as services at home, based on a multidisciplinary approach.


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