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FORTIS Kick-off meeting: strengthening institutional cross-border cooperation for innovative public transport solutions and motor vehicle office procedures

The FORTIS project officially started with a Kick-off meeting on 9 March. Due to the COVID-19 emergency and in accordance with the measures in force, the event took place in the form of a Virtual Meeting/Web Conference.

The project partnership led by the CEI - Executive Secretariat is composed of the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia (Central Department for Infrastructures and Territory), Unioncamere del Veneto – Eurosportello, the Municipality of Koper and the Regional Agency for the development of the Ljubljana Metropolitan Region. The parties discussed and presented their initiatives to be developed within the 24-month implementation period and finalised by February 2022. Focus was placed on developing an action plan to improve public transport connections in the cross-border area and promote institutional dialogue with the aim of facilitating mutual knowledge of vehicle registration procedures; and on following the definition and implementation of five pilot activities.

The institutions involved, together with key operators, will thus be able to support cross-border mobility through memoranda of understanding with the aim of extending and maintaining the tested initiatives. The competent authorities will acquire knowledge of one another’s vehicle registration and licensing procedures, which will be collected in a toolbox made available to citizens. The cooperation network established within the FORTIS project will be confirmed and maintained even beyond the duration of the project thanks to the signature of an additional memorandum of understanding.

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FORTIS (RafFORzamento della cooperazione isTItuzionale in area transfrontaliera Soluzioni innovative in materia di trasporto pubblico e procedure di motorizzazione civile / Krepitev institucionalnega sodelovanja na čezmejnem območju z inovativnimi rešitvami na področju javnega in osebnega motoriziranega prevoza / strengthening institutional cross-border cooperation for public transport innovative solutions and motor vehicle office procedures) is supported under the Interreg Italy - Slovenia Programme 2014 - 2020. It aims at promoting institutional cooperation through joint innovative solutions for citizens to improve and promote cross-border public transport services in favour of sustainable and efficient mobility as well as encourage the exchange of best practices on vehicle registration and licensing procedures in Italy and Slovenia. 

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