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CONNECT2CE: signing of MoU for improvement of services in international trains operating between Croatia and Slovenia

Developing joint and innovative measures to improve services in cross-border trains operated by HZPP and SZPP between Slovenia and Croatia. This is the main goal of the recently signed MoU between the two parties in Zagreb on 12 February.

The Agreement stems from a 2-year feasibility study developed by HZPP in the framework of the CEI-led CONNECT2CE project, which focuses on improving public transport and rail connectivity in rural, peripheral and cross border regions.

The study identified 7 new marketing measures that may significantly increase the appeal of existing rail services SI-HR. Examples of these measures are the introduction of online ticketing services or the development of a price differentiation according to the travel day, time, and the advance of purchase.

Based on the outcomes of the feasibility study, the two operators agreed to sign an MoU to jointly implement the identified measures.

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CONNECT2CE co-financed by the Interreg Central Europe Programme aims at improving rail connections and smart mobility in Central Europe by promoting innovative Public Transport (PT) solutions.

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