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CEI Fund at the EBRD supports Brcko District prioritising its environmental challenges


Building a better and more sustainable future for cities and their residents is the main goal of the EBRD Green Cities Programme. The Brcko District, an independent unit of local self-government in Bosnia and Herzegovina, located on the Sava River, has recently decided to join the initiative which aims to identify, prioritise and connect environmental challenges of cities with sustainable infrastructure investments and policy measures.

Specifically, it has three central elements: Green City Action Plans (GCAPs), which assess and prioritise environmental challenges to tackle them through policy interventions and sustainable infrastructure investments; sustainable infrastructure investments, which facilitate and stimulate public or private green investment; and capacity-building to provide technical support to city administrators and local stakeholders to ensure that infrastructure investments and policy measures identified in GCAPs can be developed, implemented and monitored effectively.

EBRD Green Cities has received support from multi-lateral donors and has attracted significant levels of co-financing, thus expanding the number of cities that can be supported and further raising the level of ambition.

In this framework, the Brcko District has been the 4th administration in Bosnia and Herzegovina to have joined the programme after Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Zenica.

Italy, through its CEI Fund at the EBRD under its Technical Cooperation Programme, is financing the GCAP for Brcko with 275,000 EUR to define a green vision, including actions and potential investments such as the construction of a new wastewater treatment plant, the reconstruction of electricity sub-stations, the improvement of urban transport, and climate-proofing of local infrastructure.

The activities for developing the Action Plan for the Brcko District started in August this year, with a formal launch of the activity on 2 November, before the civil society and local community.

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