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Inter-Connect: 5th Steering Committee held in Ljubljana

On 15-16 January, The Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region (RRA-LUR) hosted the 5th Steering Committee meeting of the Inter-Connect project at the City hall of Ljubljana.

Project partners had the chance to present the state-of-the-art of the project activities, discuss the next steps to be taken, give an update and evaluation of the eight case studies promoting intermodality and rail use which are coming to an end. They also discussed the plans for the signature of the local Memoranda of Understand (MoU).

The CEI-Executive Secretariat is the first among the partners to have signed an MoU (December 2019) with the key stakeholders involved in its Trieste case study, aiming to promote the connectivity of cross-border transport between Trieste, Muggia and Koper, with particular focus on maritime connections.

The meeting also focused on technical aspects of the Inter-Connect project, in particular on: future scenarios for the development of ADRION’s connectivity; analysis of the transferability of the project and implications for upcoming actions; progress regarding the creation of the Intermodal Transport Capacity Building Toolkit, a guide to help third parties outside the Inter-Connect partnership involved in intermodal and rail passengers transport service provision to face better face mobility challenges in the ADRION region and beyond.

The final conference of the Inter-Connect is taking place in Trieste in June 2020.

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Inter-Connect project aims at revitalising rail use in the Adriatic Ionian region by promoting specific actions to support public transport intermodality as well as providing tools for turning connectivity plans into reality. It is financed under the Interreg ADRION Programme and supported by the ERDF and IPAII funds.


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