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CONNECT2CE project: 6th Steering Committee Meeting in Zagreb

On 26 – 27 November, the 6th Steering Committee Meeting of the CONNECT2CE project was organised by Intermodal Transport Cluster (project partner) in Zagreb (Croatia).

The Partners gathered to discuss the state-of-the-art of the project, as well as the forthcoming activities, especially regarding the finalisation of transnational toolboxes and the future adoption of 10 territorial strategies for enhancing peripheral and cross-border public transport accessibility in Central Europe. By addressing the 3 main topics - connectivity, integrated ticketing and tariff schemes, and the implementation of ICT tools for info-mobility -  the transnational toolboxes will represent one of the project’s main operational outputs, as a practical guidance for public authorities and passenger transport operators for the implementation of public transport interventions.  

Once again, participants highlighted the significance of including all relevant stakeholders in their regions for better collaboration and quality inputs necessary for drafting and adopting territorial strategies, as the final outcome of the project in 2020.

Within CONNECT2CE, 8 pilot actions were successfully conducted in the regions of partner countries, with a promising impact even after the project’s conclusion. In March 2020, a transnational event aimed at presenting project's results to EU stakeholders is planned to take place in Brussels, for the uptake of the project's outcomes at EU level. Paolo Dileno from the CEI-Executive Secretariat, in its capacity as Lead Partner, concluded the meeting by thanking the participants for their valuable cooperation so far and strong commitment for the upcoming activities.

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