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4helix+: 4th Steering Committee Meeting held in Ancona

Ten Partners of the 4helix+ Project consortium met in Ancona on 25 September for their 4th Steering Committee Meeting. The Partners reviewed the state-of-the-art of the Project, paying particular attention to the implementation of the 48 small-scale innovative projects that have been recently awarded with a EUR 10.000 4helix+ Innovation Voucher each. This 6-month implementation period is currently under way by the awarded companies, and is now half way through.Moreover, an outlook of the envisaged transferring activities was presented, announcing among others the Project Road Shoes to take place in the six pilot project regions in the next months, where the results of the Project are going to be presented.

For this purpose, a few communication tools will be released soon, such as project infographics anda  video, in order to maximise a broader dissemination of the official project results and transfer of lessons learnt.

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